Downloadable Audio Topics 

    1-   Men, Who Are They?

    2-  The Eyes Of A Man

    3-  The Chase

    4-   Men Do Not Like ---, Or Do They?

    5-   Women, Crazy?

    6-   Sex and Emotional Attentiveness

    7-   The Mans Ego, What Is It?

    8-   Why He Will Not Commit?

​    9-   The Mouth Of A Woman (Part 1)

    10-  The Mouth Of A Woman (Part 2)

    11-   How To Pick A Man

    12-  Emotional Connection And The Benefits

               of Marriage 

    13-   Marriage

    14-   Be Balanced

    15-   Helping Him To Understand Emotional 


    16-   How To Make It Work?

    17-   What To Do Now?

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Thoughts Of A Man 

by :Earl Winston CarterJr

Earl Winston Carter Jr

Thoughts Of A Man

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You will never find a relationship site as EXCITING and as informative as "Thoughts Of A Man." Our most coveted feature is the world renowned book, "Thoughts Of A Man" on Audio Book . "Thoughts Of A Man" has been broken up into individual chapter and each chapters is available to be downloaded and listened to on any computer or smartphone. On this page you will be able to have all of your concerns and questions, regarding men, answered. We have informative, fun radio podcasts, for our members to listen to. Comedic relationship videos that show some of the humorous thing that happens in relationships. Members are able to email our "Male Friends" regarding personal relationship problems or concerns and will receive a response from a mans perspective. We have a DATING Emergency HOTLINE, exclusive for GOLD members where you can CALL and talk to a guy and get his input or insight regarding any situation that you may find yourself perplexed about. 

We can help any woman that has a desire to get married, we are certain we can help you to get a man and show you how to keep one. If you are in a relationship and the sparks are not the way it use to be, we can show you how to get it back... 

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